Ensure That Your Child’s SAT Tutoring Service Can Offer These Things

15 November 2017
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SAT testing is arguably the most important test that your teenager will take in his or her life, which means that it's understandable if the lead-up to the test date is a little stressful around your house. You can ease the stress on your child, however, by arranging SAT tutoring for him or her. There may be some subjects that your teen finds challenging; by working with the tutor to practice these areas, your child will feel much more confident by the time that the test date arrives. Read More 

Extending The Daycare Day: Learning About Literacy At Home

3 October 2017
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You can see the benefits that daycare has for your child. Your little learner is starting to get more social, understanding the world around her and she's showing a new love — for books. Building early literacy skills right now can set your young child on a path to becoming a life-long reader. And her child care teacher is helping her to do this. But her teacher isn't the only one who can help her to learn about reading and writing. Read More 

Does Your Homeschooled Student Want To Participate In High School Athletics?

6 August 2017
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If your child has been homeschooled for nearly his or her entire school career, you may find that many of the popular myths and misconceptions about homeschool students, from lack of socialization to an unstructured schedule, are laughably wrong. However one area in which your student may find him or herself missing out on the public school experience is athletics; without an intramural or co-op team in your area, enrolling your teen in a public school's football, volleyball, or swimming program may seem like the only way to help him or her enjoy team sports. Read More 

Why Every Non-Working And Working Parent Should Consider Preschool For Their Children

17 July 2017
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Are you a parent of a young child who is not old enough to start traditional school yet? If so, you may have considered a daycare center for your child. Even if you are a stay-at-home parent, there are a few perks that a school setting can offer you and your child. The following points will help you to understand some of the benefits of choosing to allow your child to attend preschool even if you or a family member could take care of them during the day. Read More 

Want To Learn A Foreign Language? 3 Great Reasons To Choose French

16 June 2017
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Knowing a foreign language is always a useful skill. Being bilingual opens up job and educational opportunities that are closed to those who only know one language, and it also makes traveling easier and other cultures more accessible. Whether you want to expand your own language ability or you're a parent helping your child choose a foreign language to study, there are some great reasons to choose French as a second language. Read More