Why Every Non-Working And Working Parent Should Consider Preschool For Their Children

17 July 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


Are you a parent of a young child who is not old enough to start traditional school yet? If so, you may have considered a daycare center for your child. Even if you are a stay-at-home parent, there are a few perks that a school setting can offer you and your child. The following points will help you to understand some of the benefits of choosing to allow your child to attend preschool even if you or a family member could take care of them during the day.

Social Skills

If your child is only exposed to your home environment, it might be challenging for them when they are old enough to attend elementary school. Some children may feel shy around their peers. Others may have separation anxiety. Early exposure to a structured educational environment where other children are present can help your child's social skill immensely. You may also find that other parents want to network with your family, which will give your child a new way to make friends and develop social skills beyond the classroom.

Early Preparation

Most parents want their children to be prepared for school, and early education can do that. Many elementary schools have robust curriculums that are assumptive that children will have already mastered certain things. This means that if your child does not attend a preschool, they could be behind their peers. Catching up to their peers is possible, but it will likely be more challenging. Most preschools will be aware of state guidelines and what children who will be entering kindergarten in the near future are expected to know. You can talk with a center, like Advantage Learning Center, to see what kinds of preparation your child needs.

Identifying Developmental Delays

Some children have developmental delays that can be helped with therapeutic interventions. For example, speech impediments might warrant speech therapy. Identifying this type of issue in your child's early years can aid in them being prepared when it is time to start traditional school. Some preschools offer screenings in-house for things such as sight and hearing test. Children who need glasses or have hearing problems might appear to have delays but only need the correct assistive devices. Making these discoveries will aid in enhancing your child's learning experiences. 

Visiting a daycare center is an excellent way to choose a school that you feel comfortable with. There are likely schools in your area that offer tours of their facilities, and some of them may also offer classroom observation opportunities. These are excellent ways to gauge what your child will experience and learn. Preschools can also offer you more valuable information about why early childhood education is important.