Look, Listen, And Learn: Tutoring Special Education Students

16 February 2021
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


Tutoring a special education student is a wonderful way to help students in need and discover new ways of teaching. The importance of being aware of a student's academic ability and socialization skills is key when choosing the right lesson plan. Not only do some students feel uncomfortable in a typical classroom setting but may also feel left behind when it comes to lesson plans that are outside their understanding. Using a few tips to narrow down the focus, the perfect specialized lesson plan can be achieved for special education students. 

While some special education students thrive in a typical classroom atmosphere, others may have a more difficult time blending into the rest of the class. Some may isolate themselves and will likely shut out any instruction that is directed to the class as a whole. Working in smaller groups in these cases is a highly effective way of reaching out to these students while also creating a cohesive atmosphere in the classroom where all students work together to learn. Smaller group work will also allow for one-on-one consultations when needed and immediate assistance for any issues that may arise. This small group atmosphere will also encourage special education students of the importance and benefits of working as a team. 

Personalizing lesson plans is another wonderful way to teach in a special education setting while also providing an understanding that not all students may be on the same level academically. While the theme of one particular lesson may be mathematics, for instance, students at a higher comprehension may be given algebra workbooks and instruction while those at a lower level of competency can practice multiplication and division instead. Reading assignments, similarly, can be offered at a higher level to more advanced students while providing support for those who need more time learning certain words. This provides each student the individual attention and care they need while also implementing a cohesive theme throughout the entire class of what subject is being taught. 

Observation of the different types of students in a special education classroom will go extremely far when it comes to choosing the right tutoring style. Especially for students who do not feel comfortable learning along with the rest of the class, a more personalized style of tutoring would be the most beneficial. This can be completed on a one-on-one basis or within smaller groups to allow the student to feel more comfortable. Likewise, laying out a specialized lesson plan for the day depending on the theme will allow the student to learn at a pace that is more suitable for them. Still a part of the team, these students can then focus on their own unique lesson plan. This observation of differing student levels and comfortability will allow the tutor to personalize a lesson plan that works for all.

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