Ensure That Your Child's SAT Tutoring Service Can Offer These Things

15 November 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


SAT testing is arguably the most important test that your teenager will take in his or her life, which means that it's understandable if the lead-up to the test date is a little stressful around your house. You can ease the stress on your child, however, by arranging SAT tutoring for him or her. There may be some subjects that your teen finds challenging; by working with the tutor to practice these areas, your child will feel much more confident by the time that the test date arrives. It's important for you to select the right SAT tutor, and there are several different criteria that you can assess in doing so. Here are three things that the tutoring service should offer:

Score Guarantee

There are several SAT tutoring services that make guarantee their work by pledging that your child will raise his or her score by a certain number of points, or you will get your money back. For example, a particular tutor may guarantee that your teen will boost his or her score by 125 points. This means that if he or she got a score of 1,175 on the SAT the first time, the tutor suggests that he or she will get at least 1,300 the second time. A guarantee is ideal not just to potentially save you money; it shows that the tutoring service is highly serious about the quality of its tutors.

Simulated Tests

While it's fine to go over the study material repeatedly, sitting down to actually write a test can be a challenge for many teens. Those who feel confident while studying can sometimes perform poorly on the test simply because of the pressure that they feel. Your teen will benefit from an SAT tutoring service that provides simulated tests. Beyond simply going through the test material, your child's tutor will actually give him or her one or more simulated tests to not only assess the teen's knowledge of the subject matter but also how well he or she performs in a test-like environment.

SAT Prep Homework

Your teen might bristle at the idea of receiving homework from his or her tutor, but assignments to work on in between the weekly tutoring sessions are a valuable way for your teen to gain a deeper understanding of the SAT material. Look for an SAT tutoring service that can not only assign practical homework for your teen but can also be flexible about the amount that is assigned, based on what other projects your teen is currently working on for school.