Two Reasons You Think You Can't Go To Flight School--And How You Can Address Them

24 August 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


You might have always wanted to try flying a plane, but if you're like a lot of people, you don't think that it's a possibility for you. However, there may be still be a way. Here are two reasons you may think you can't fly and how you an address those issues.

You Can't Afford It

The biggest problem that many people think of when considering flight school is that they don't think they'll have the money it takes to pay for the lessons or the use of a plane. In fact, there are many aviation scholarships out there that can help you pay for the training you need, particularly if you plan on going into aviation as a profession and are studying it in school.

If you aren't trying to achieve a career in aviation, you might still be able to find discounts by seeking out a Sport Pilot License (SPL) instead of a Recreational Pilot License (RPL) or Private Pilot License (PPL). Because the requirements and privileges for the three licenses are so different and the RPL and PPL require so much more additional flight time, you can still learn to fly and get in the air for less money if you go for an SPL.

You can rent a plane from your flight school; there is not one set price, as you are likely to be charged varying amounts depending on the kind of plane you use.

You Have No Time in Your Busy Schedule

You may think that it takes a lot of time to learn how to fly a plane, and that is true, but you might be wrong about how many hours you must log before you earn a license. In most cases, you are only required to log about 20 to 40 hours before qualifying for a license. You can relegate that time to weekends or do an accelerated program and have your license in a few weeks.

One way to save some time is to forget driving to the airport and use at-home flight simulation programs to help you further your aviation education. Of course, it's still vital to spend a few times a week in the air to log your required hours and ensure that a qualified instructor can check the techniques you're using at home will work in real-time.

Once you've realized that your reasons for not learning to fly a plane can be addressed in a way that works for you, you can finally fulfill your dream of flying. Visit a flight school in your area and ask about aviation scholarships and other resources you can use. For more information, visit or a similar website.