Are You And Your Spouse Both In The Military And Ready To Go To College? 3 Tips To Manage A Busy Schedule

13 December 2019
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Being a military couple comes with quite a few benefits such as your spouse understanding the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made when you serve your country. While you two may already have dealt with some changes over your time in the military, going to school will definitely shake things up. The decision to seek your degrees together is one that gives you both the opportunity to advance in your careers while also feeling a sense of personal fulfillment that comes with completing your education. Now that you have both decided to go back to school, you can use these three tips to make it easier to enjoy more time together while also adding another new responsibility to your schedule.

Choose a Flexible Degree Program

The school and degree program that you choose together play a vital role in how much time you have to spend on your education. There are ways to minimize the time that you must contribute to going to school without having to cut corners on your education. For instance, online colleges for military students allow you to avoid wasting time on a commute. You and your spouse will be able to log into your courses and complete your assignments with a more flexible schedule that allows you to fit your classes into your schedule.

Try Taking a Class Together

If you and your spouse are both starting school at the same level, then you might be able to take some of your core classes together. For instance, most degree programs require math, science, and English components that most students must take in the beginning. You might also be able to find an elective at your online university for military students to take together. Either way, taking a class together gives you an instant study partner, and you'll be able to connect with your spouse in a new way.

Make Study Time Special

When time gets tight, you can also turn study time into a date night. Try making a delicious dinner or set up a table full of snacks, and take turns quizzing each other on the concepts that you need to know for your next test. You could also read assigned books together. Consider setting up a certain time and day of each week that you and your spouse can dedicate to studying together. You'll both learn more, and you'll associate studying with positive moments that reduce the stress that can sometimes be caused by a busy schedule.