Being An Electrician: Three Tips

5 March 2018
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When you want to become an electrician, it can be a daunting task to make that desire a reality. An electrician works with materials that most people don't ever touch. In addition, electricity can be dangerous to work with. For those reasons, it's smart to utilize these career-related details if you truly want to enter this field.

1-Find Out about Licenses

In the very beginning of your quest to earn a position as an electrician, you'll need to know what requires are necessary in your specific state. You'll need to learn about different electrical codes and standards at the federal level,  but it is also vital to know state and local codes; your state might require one or more licenses before you're legally allowed to work as an electrician. By contacting the correct licensing board, you'll have a clearer idea of what you'll need to accomplish before you can get a job.

2-Go to Trade School

Electrical trade schools aren't always required in order to be licensed as an electrician. However, these schools can prove invaluable to your education and proficiency in the field.  This is especially relevant if you have never worked in fields where you'd encounter electricians or their materials and work. Going to a trade school will give you the basic knowledge you need to be a good worker and will also give you the hands-on experience that many employers look for before picking up apprentices. You can feel more confident about your skills and be a better asset to a company when you have been formally trained at a school.

Trade schools often have connections in the field and offer some job placement help. This can be vital to your career, as you may be able to secure an apprenticeship position through those connections instead of being left on your own to secure work.

3-Find a Specific Mentor

Even as early as your trade school days, you can locate an experienced electrician to serve as a mentor to you. This is essential for a new electrician because there will be times when you have questions about how to run cables or install wiring. Rather than relying on your limited knowledge, a mentor can guide your actions and give you the information needed to complete your tasks. Whether the mentor is a teacher in trade school or one that acts as an official mentor once you begin your apprenticeship, be sure to make the most of that relationship.

Electrician work is important and rewarding. To be successful, the journey you make should include the above actions. Consult local trade schools for more information